Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dear friend

A Sustainable future for the work of Adam’s Hats

Since its inception in 2003, Adam’s Hats has achieved significantly in all 3 areas of its endeavour:

1 The Holiday programme and partnership with Holiday Property Bond goes from strength to strength, with around 20 families per year being offered holidays. Our ability to expand has gathered its own momentum having established good communications with other Bondholders who are inclined to transfer unwanted points to us, as well as excellent relationships with Clic Sargent social workers who nominate families into our holidays, around the country.

2 The neuroblastoma research initiative in conjunction with SIOPEN has resulted in the older child/younger teenager group being mainstreamed into the ongoing European High Risk Neuroblastoma trial, through a new treatment regime that is already being used in clinic. At the end of last year, there were at least 2 children in our focus age group, treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital, who are benefiting from the new regime. Our work has highlighted the lack of attention previously given to this group of patients, and has upped the focus on the benefits of international collaborative studies for low-patient number groups.

3 Our stimulus and support for Maggie’s Centres to research better ways of supporting young patients and the young people around the young patient (siblings and friends), has led to fresh findings with the potential to add value to the higher profile palliative care is starting to enjoy, from policy makers, large charities and health professionals.

In addition, Adam’s Hats has secured a place in the consciousness of the children’s cancer world through its contributions to:

- Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG)

- National Cancer Research Institute’s Consumer Liason Group (NCRI CLG)

- Cancer52 (a recognised umbrella body for charities representing rarer cancers)

and is viewed as a collaborator and potential partner of Marie Curie Cancer Care, Neuroblastoma Society, and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

A combination of what is now expected of us from our co-protagonists, whether they are health professionals, other charities, or families who benefit from our work, as well as what we expect from

ourselves, and the ever-present demands of proper governance and fund raising effort, are challenging for a charity of our size. Frankly, with your help and unstinting support, we have been ‘punching above our weight’ and have arrived at a point where our ideas for projects are running ahead of our ability to pull them off to the extent and level of quality we demand.

Along with many other charities in the sector, we believe that collaboration is a more fruitful way forward to achieve our mutual goal of improved outcomes for children and families. Consequently, we have held open discussions with a number of recognised organisations to explore what alternative routes there might be to secure the work we want to do, and build on the work we have done, within their broader and more robust frameworks. The outcome of these discussions is

1 Adam's Hats holiday programme has been transferred to a dedicated provider of holidays for children and families with cancer, Homes with Heart, which is run to the same standards as our current programme. Holidays will continue to be offered with the benefit of the credit we have built up with Holiday Property Bond, and labeled ‘in conjunction with the Adam Hay Fund’.


2 Our neuroblastoma research interests and our psychosocial support for children and families will be continued by the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) to which we are divesting our residual funds. These will be ring-fenced as the Adam Hay Fund and continue to receive donations and sponsorship proceeds, to be used on a restricted basis to continue our work. I will become a Trustee of CCLG to remain involved.


3 Adam’s Hats will cease to be a separate charity as at 31 August 2011.

I very much hope you can join me in feeling personally even more committed to seeing our work continue and thrive, than to the need to maintain a separate identity for the charity. We hope you will feel able to support the Adam Hay Fund in the same way as you have Adam’s Hats. The only real change is that your standing order details or donation payees should be updated. Please see the note at the foot of this letter for CCLG bank details. Finally, I hope you all agree that such a change is a positive growth step, and recognition of our position in the sector. After all, Adam is 21 now, and ready to go out into the world.

This comes with warmest wishes and thanks from the Trustees of Adam’s Hats and from my family for your enthusiasm and support for all we have done so far. I hope our relationship will continue under its new banner of The Adam Hay Fund.

Susan Hay

Chair of Trustees

Note: Donations should now be made to

Reference Adam Hay Fund (Please remember to reference your payment!)

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